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About us

Impact Soilution is a regenerative agriculture business that focuses on improving soil health and sustainability, and aims in helping smallholder farmers increase their income and improve their farming best practices.

We are dedicated to helping farmers and agricultural producers bring their soil back to life, while also helping to reduce the effects of climate change. We also provide educational resources and workshops to help farmers learn more about regenerative agriculture and its benefits. We strive to create innovative and effective solutions to the major challenges of the agricultural industry.
Vision & Mission

Vision: To revolutionize the way food is produced by restoring soil health, reducing carbon emissions, and increasing crop yields to benefit the planet and all its inhabitants.

Mission: To create a more prosperous future for smallholder farmers, by introducing innovative and sustainable agricultural techniques that improve soil health, increase yield and reduce the carbon footprint of the planet.


Our team works with a variety of tools and practices to increase the natural matter, restore nutrient balance, and improve water retention in the soil. We draw on our team’s expertise in agronomy, soil science, and sustainable farming practices to develop and implement innovative solutions that will help smallholder farmers increase their yields and incomes. 

Through our cutting-edge technology, innovative techniques, and experienced team, our goal is to revolutionize our food and agricultural system to create a healthier, more sustainable future.

Our Goal

Impact Soilution is working towards zero hunger, good health and well-being amongst the population, and transforming Malaysia into a carbon sink.

If soil is regenerated it increases food security and resiliency of our food sources. The food grown through regenerative methods will reduce the adverse health effects on farmers and provide high nutritious food for Malaysia. Regenerative Carbon Farming can reduce carbon emissions by storing it in the soil.


Environment & Sustainability

When properly implemented, regenerative agricultural practices can protect and enhance biodiversity at and around farms, improve or preserve carbon and water retention in the soil and enhance the resilience of crops and nature – all while decreasing pesticide and fertiliser use and supporting the livelihoods of farming communities. These practices, as well as crop diversification, provide multiple complementary benefits and help decrease food insecurity.

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