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Products & Services

Impact Soilution offers Regenerative Agriculture Solutions aimed to help farmers adopt regenerative farming practices that extend the lifespan of soil through healthy microbial cultivation and producing pesticide/chemical-free and nutrient-rich crops.
Symbiotic Soil, Bio-Inputs & Medicinal Plants 

Impact Soilution offers a variety of products to enhance your farm and regenerate your soil. We offer our one-of-a-kind symbiotic soil that will help recover soil fertility. Other products include sustainable bio-inputs such as bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides. We also offer seedlings of indigenous and medicinal plants.

Regenerative Farming Services

We will provide the knowledge, expertise, and services for the creation and maintenance of regenerative & carbon farms in Malaysia. With regenerative & carbon farming we can recover the soil natural fertility ensuring sustainable yields for future generations while reducing carbon emssions for smallholder farmers and large farming companies.

Carbon Farming & Carbon Credits

Impact Soilution offers an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture through carbon farming credits for smallholder farmers, which can increase their income, build soil health, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Education & Workshops

Impact Soilution is revolutionizing smallholder farming through leading-edge regenerative agriculture training and education workshops. We empower smallholder farmers by teaching them sustainable practices that increase their income and reduce their environmental impact.

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